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MacKillop Catholic Primary School

About us

MacKillop Catholic Primary School is situated in the northern suburb of Andergrove, Mackay and is an integral part of the St Joseph’s parish. MacKillop School is located a considerable distance from our parish church of St Joseph’s (approx 7kms). MacKillop is one of four Catholic primary schools and one Catholic secondary school within the parish.

MacKillop opened in 1995 with student enrolments from Preschool to Year 5, with an enrolment of approximately 90 children. Our current enrolment is approximately 155 students from Prep to Year 6, coming from 113 families. We have single stream classes in all year levels.

The student population is drawn from across North Mackay but predominately from the areas of Andergrove and Beaconsfield. Other areas include Slade Point, Blacks Beach, Eimeo, Bucasia, Shoal Point, Northview, Rural View, Habana and North Mackay.

Our school community’s breakdown of religious affiliation, as stated in our enrolment, is as follows: 45% Catholic, 12% Anglican, 9% of other Christian denominations and 34% state they have no religious affiliation.

MacKillop Catholic Primary School has a staff of over 28 personnel in full and part time positions. The school has a three person Leadership Team, comprising of a Principal, Assistant to the Principal Religious Education and an Assistant to the Principal Curriculum. Staff members, both teaching and non-teaching, work hard to provide a wide variety of learning opportunities for students, and cater for a wide range of individual talents and learning styles. 

The Learning Support Program at MacKillop provides both support and extension for children who require this. Support may come in the form of participation in a pragmatic language group, assistance with reading, literacy or numeracy, social skills, research skills, planning and completing assignments and/or extension activities via the RESCUE Program. 

In our school community we have approximately 12 students who would identify themselves as having an Indigenous background (Aboriginal or Torres Strait or Islander cultural heritage). The students and their families make a significant and valued contribution to the cultural diversity of our school.

Our School

MacKillop is physically organised into six distinct sections:

MacKillop Catholic Primary School Penola and Winella

Penola and Winella

Prep to Year 2

MacKillop Catholic Primary School Franklin


Years 3 to 5 and Technology Room

MacKillop Catholic Primary School Tension-Woods


Years 6

MacKillop Catholic Primary School Mother Mary of the Cross

Mother Mary of the Cross


MacKillop Catholic Primary School Hall

Saint Mary MacKillop Hall

Multi-purpose Hall

MacKillop Catholic Primary School Adminstration


Staff room, Admin & Meeting Room

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Our Mission

Guided by Saint Mary MacKillop’s spirit of faith and service,

With Jesus Christ as our model, we will provide each child with a quality Catholic education in a nurturing faith-filled community,


Where we work together,
we participate and we have a go.

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