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Parent Orbit App

MacKillop Catholic Primary School utilises a mobile app for parents called 'Parent Orbit' and it is available for all families to download and use.
This app will allow you to view your student/s details, access our newsletter and other important school links, view reports, accept and pay for school excursions, view school fees, add and acknowledge student absences and much more.
To download the app, follow either of the 2 options below. 
Option 1
Scan the QR code below and it will direct you to the Apple or Google store to download the app and automatically link MacKillop Catholic Primary School to the app.






Once you are in the app you will need to enter your Parent Lounge username and password which are issued by the school upon enrolment. (Parent Lounge and the Parent Orbit App use the same login credentials). If you cannot remember your Parent Lounge password, click on the "Forget Password?" feature in Parent Lounge and follow the prompts to reset your password. 
Option 2
Follow this link via your mobile device:

  1. Click the Install button. After the app is installed, our school will be loaded as an account. 

  2. Click on our school name then tap the login button.

  3. Enter your Parent Lounge credentials onto the login screen that appears. (Parent Lounge and Parent Orbit use the same login credentials)

If you have already downloaded the app and are using it for another Catholic school in the Diocese you can still use either of the options listed above to add MacKillop Catholic Primary School to your app. You can also go into the Parent Orbit app, select "Add another Account", enter our school code which is mkcps and hit Submit.


This will add MacKillop Catholic Primary School's account to your list.

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