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MacKillop Catholic Primary School Students


The Australian and Queensland Curriculums, and the Rockhampton Diocese of Catholic Education’s Religious Education Syllabus, inform our school curriculum framework and programs.  We continue to engage with and implement new Australian Curriculum learning areas, as required.

At MacKillop, students currently undertake studies in 8 key learning areas:

MacKillop Catholic Primary School Religion


MacKillop Catholic Primary School Maths


MacKillop Catholic Primary School English


MacKillop Catholic Primary School Humanities


MacKillop Catholic Primary School Science


MacKillop Catholic Primary School Arts

The Arts

MacKillop Catholic Primary School Sport

Health + P.E.

MacKillop Catholic Primary School Technology


ICT’s (Information and Communication Technologies) are embedded across the curriculum, as are indigenous perspectives and stewardship of our Earth.

At MacKillop we value and actively promote:

  • Responsibility

  • Success

  • Gospel values

  • Courage

  • Participation

  • Opportunities for growth

  • Positive self-image

  • Vision and hope for the future

  • Encouragement

  • Life-long learning

  • Celebrations

  • Community building

  • Love of learning

  • Love of life

  • Creativity

  • Critical thinking

  • Questioning

  • Stewardship

Religious Education

The Religious Education program at MacKillop Catholic Primary School aims to give students knowledge of the Church’s beliefs, traditions and practices so that they can affirm their Catholic identity in today’s world.  From Prep to Year 6, we strive to provide learning experiences that will help the students to recognise “God is with us” – in ourselves, in others, and in our world.  This realisation should lead the student to greater respect for themselves and others.  In responding to God in their own lives the students should begin to recognise their responsibility within the Church and so want to witness to the love of God for ALL, and to fulfill their Christian vocation.

Specialist Lessons

We currently have three specialist learning areas at MacKillop that students from Prep to Year 6 attend. These lessons are:

  • 'The Arts' (Media, Visual Art, Drama and Music)

  • Physical Education

  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics)

These specialist lessons are taken by specialist teachers for 40 mins each week. Students also participate in Dance studies during term 3 through the Dancefever program.

Within our physical education classes, children develop:


  • General motor skills

  • Sports specific skills

  • Teamwork, tactics and strategies

  • Health and fitness

Supporting Learners

The Learning Support Programs at MacKillop cater for students from Prep to Year 6.  Students that are identified as requiring support, receive assistance in the areas of Numeracy, Literacy, Fine Motor Co-ordination, Social Skills, Life skills and Personal Development.  An extension program is provided for a number of identified students. Ascertained students with EAP Profiles are further supported through the writing of Individual Education Programs that are used to provide consistent support in specific disability areas. These IEP’s are reviewed at least once per year, to ensure that they are meeting the student’s current needs. Meetings with all stakeholders are held throughout the year to write and review the progress on these programs.

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students have a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP), which focuses on clear goals for improved learning and socio-cultural outcomes.



Supporting Learners
MacKillop Catholic Primary School In-Class Support

In-class Support

The class teacher plans for and conducts this support for individuals with recognised needs.

MacKillop Catholic Primary School Learning Support

Learning Support

The class teacher plans and gives direction with support from a teacher or assistant from the RESCUE team.

MacKillop Catholic Primary School Learning Support

1:1 Learning Support

The Learning Support Teacher or Teacher
Assistants work with individual and groups of students in the Learning Support Room.

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