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MacKillop Catholic Primary School Religious Culture

Religious Culture

As a Catholic school we strive to give witness to the message and call of Jesus Christ and to share in the mission of the Church. Through a commitment to quality and inclusive educational practices we work together to foster and enhance faith and Christian action within the individual child and within the community as a whole. This mandate is given definition through the Diocesan Mission and vision for all Catholic schools namely, that:

  • Learning is a life-long and life-wide endeavour;

  • We all seek meaning for life; and

  • Fullness of life is experienced when we journey with Christ.

MacKillop Catholic Primary School values Religious Education, because it provides a vital religious, social and cultural lens, through which people can find meaning, evaluate their values/actions, and contribute to their world. Religious Education’s particular contribution to lifelong learning is that it helps children and adults acquire Religious Literacy.

Religious Culture

The Religious Culture of MacKillop provides the faith and worshipping context for this religious literacy to be demonstrated. The development of this faith component is dependent on the close support of our families and Parish in nurturing faith formation. The school builds on the foundation of faith and practice, that is lived by the families (The First Church) that come to our school.

MacKillop would characterise a ‘religiously literate’ person as demonstrating the following outcomes:

  • Being motivated by the Gospel Values of compassion, understanding, empathy, tolerance and inclusiveness. All virtues exemplified in the person and mission of Jesus Christ.

  • Having the knowledge and life skills necessary to develop and maintain worthwhile relationships.

  • Being able to participate in and discuss with others the Traditional and Sacramental practices of the Catholic Church.

  • Being aware of the personal and communal responsibility of being a member of the Christian Faith.

  • Being proactive in living justice and being responsive to those in need in our world.

  • Possessing a vocabulary of word and symbol, that helps them understand their own religious beliefs and the beliefs of others.

  • A reflective and sensitive communicator at home with the questions of ultimate concern. (Meaning of life? The nature of God?)

The Religious Culture, expresses that literacy and growing faith commitment. It is embedded in our school community through our school prayer celebrations, observation of the chief Catholic liturgical feasts of the year, classroom prayer, school and class Mission activities and most importantly through our sharing in the sacramental life of our Parish of St Joseph’s (Eucharist and Anointing of the Sick). Our Feast Day, celebrating the life of Saint Mary Mother of the Cross MacKillop, also defines and expresses our school’s affinity with her mission and call. The school works in partnership with families and Parish to create a community of faith within an educational context, which is a rich resource for faith formation and expression.



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