MacKillop Catholic Primary School Staff

Our Staff

Executive Team


Allison Blakey


Helen Privett


Kristy Cundell 

Teaching and Support Team

Veronica Martin - Learning Support Teacher

Ann-Maree Mitchell - Learning Support Teacher

Kristy Cundell - Prep BC

Bronee Brown - Prep BC

Joanne Parker - 1P

Shaylee Werder- 2W

Ailsa Paterson - 3P

Hollie Cleaver - 4C

Susan Kahler - 5K

Helen Privett - 6PM

Colleen McLean - 6PM

Brilee McPhee - 6M

Collette Simpson  - School Counsellor/Chaplain

Kylie Tappert - OSHC Co-ordinator

Michael McCusker - Assistant to the Director - Northern Region

Sharon Donnollan - Finance Secretary & WHS Advisor

Jacqui Sherry - Administration Assistant (Mon-Thurs)

Taryn Potts - PE / The Arts Teacher

Marie Schembri - Library Co-ordinator/ Teacher Assistant (Learning Support)

Karen O'Shea - Tech Support

Lisa Hildenbeutel - Teacher Assistant (Prep)

Nicole Peever - Teacher Assistant (Prep and Learning Support)

Angela Russo - Teacher Assistant (Learning Support)

Judy McKenzie - Teacher Assistant (Learning Support)

Sally Wells - Teacher Assistant (Learning Support)

Donna Raison - Teacher Assistant (Learning Support)

Mark Zelazo - Facilities Officer

Jo Oliver - Tuckshop Co-ordinator

Fr James Ezeocha - Parish Priest

Fr Sijo George - Parish Priest

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