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MacKillop Catholic Primary School Students

Extra Curricular

Our school offers our students the opportunity to participate in a range of extra curricular activities, outside of the set education curriculum. Participating in extra curricular activities has the potential to benefit an individual, such as:

  • Improved academic performance

  • Explore interests and create broader perspectives

  • Higher self-esteem

  • Social opportunities

  • Productive breaks

  • Essential life skills such as goal setting, team work and time management

Extra curricular activities offered at MacKillop are outlined below:

MacKillop Catholic Primary School Sports Carnivals


Our school holds an Inter-house Swimming Carnival, an Inter-house Cross Country Carnival and an Inter-house Athletics Carnival each year. While all children in Prep to Years 6 are expected to participate and earn valuable points for their house team, parents, relatives and friends are also encouraged to participate either as volunteers or as active observers.


A number of our students gain successful entry into various sporting teams including Cumberland Teams. These students are publicly acknowledged at our school assemblies and with their parents'/caregivers' permission, are allowed time away from school to compete in regional, state and national sporting competitions.

MacKillop Catholic Primary School Sport Team
MacKillop Catholic Primary School Challenge cup


Students in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to be part of Challenge Cup. This competition is the largest primary school team competition run in Queensland in a carnival format. We send away a netball and rugby league team to Yeppoon to compete each year.


At MacKillop we believe that cultural experiences allow children to develop the important skills of self-confidence and cooperation in an exciting and dynamic environment. We offer a variety of cultural experiences for the children to be involved in.

MacKillop Catholic Primary School Cultural Experience
MacKillop Catholic Primary School Music


Musicorp provides an instrumental program at MacKillop which is available to all students. Lessons take place during school time each term and tuition is available for brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. Interested students must have access to the instrument of their choice or make use of the instrument hiring system available through the company. The Instrumental Music Teacher will bill each participating family directly. Information of the cost and times of lessons is distributed to interested families at the beginning of each school year or on arrival for new families. 


Children from a number of classes are given the opportunity to participate in this local competition. It teaches the children the importance of working towards and achieving goals whilst developing their performance skills. Children experience performing in front of a live audience and receive feedback on their work by professionals from all over Australia.

MacKillop Catholic Primary School Eisteddfod
MacKillop Catholic Primary School Dance Fever


In Term 3 each year the children participate in a program known as DanceFever. We have qualified instructors that travel from Brisbane to teach the children two or three dances which could include Cha Cha, Foxtrot or Mambo. These lessons take place for 30 – 40 mins each Tuesday and parents are billed on their Term 3 accounts.

The term concludes with a showcase which is always an enjoyable event.


At MacKillop children in Years 5 and 6 attend school camp. This year our Year 5 students will attend a leadership camp at Action Challenge (Hay Point) for two nights, in readiness to elect school leaders for the following year. Year 6 classes will travel to Airlie Beach for a week which has direct links to the curriculum.

Throughout the year classes may organise excursions to local venues to enhance their understanding of the curriculum content being learnt in class. 

MacKillop Catholic Primary School Excursions and Camps
MacKillop Catholic Primary School Activities


Other Extra-Curricular Activities that are provided at MacKillop include:

  • Participation in academic competitions 

  • Rock Pop Mime for Year 6 students 

  • ANZAC Day March

  • Under 8’s Week 

  • Arts Council Performances



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